SEUTHE reliably delivers innovative, efficient, premium manufacturing equipment from mill components such as strip preparation, accumulation, tube forming, tube welding, tube sizing and profiling, cut off and run-out, operator interfaces to complete, fully integrated, turn-key tube and profile welding plants.

The company offers advanced technological solutions and production systems for the manufacture of tubular products since 1899. Its cutting edge technology and competence is evident in more than 800 worldwide plant installations.
ASMAG - the Austrian machinery and plant manufacturer for the steel tube and non-ferrous metal industry achieves unequalled premium product quality and manufacturing productivity in drawing, straightening, sawing and cutting, chamfering, stacking, and bundling equipment.

The company is an experienced global supplier whose innovative products stand out for efficient productivity and the highest quality and manufacturing standards. ASMAG’s strengths lie in its depth of in-house manufacturing capabilities. ASMAG offers effective communication and outstanding personal service and support.
INGENIA's core competence is the conception, delivery and servicing of automated crane, materials handling and logistics systems developed mainly as customized solution. The company also offers process know-how in the field of hot-dip galvanizing as well as pre-treatment processes for the steel tube and non-ferrous metal industries.

Maximum diligence is employed during planning, completion and subsequent support, as well as in the selection of materials and components to ensure the creation of reliable and cost-efficient complete plants, production and logistics systems.